The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, Regional Office V was formerly the office of the Regional Integrated Police Jail Management and Penology, organized and activated as of 01 July 1978 pursuant to General Order Nr 23 HCP/INP dated 03 June 1978 with the authorized strength of two (2) officers, three (3) non-officers rank and four (4) civilian employees.

The BJMP Regional Office 5 was then headed by P/SUPT ENESTO P AVILA and housed at the Regional Detention Center, Camp General Simeon A Ola (formerly Camp Bagong Ibalon), Legazpi City.

Pursuant to Section 59, IX of Republic Act 6975, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, otherwise preferred to as the Jail Bureau, was created. It initially consisted of Officers and uniformed members of the Jail Management and Penology Service and is constituted under Presidential Decree No.765 and composed of the following: those assigned with the Offices of the Jail Management and Penology covered by appropriate orders issued by competent authority and existing as of 02 January 1991; those civilian employees issued appointments as Jail Guards and those who entered INP by way of lateral entry as Penologist.

In February 1992, the BJMP Regional Office V was transferred to the Albay Capitol Annex building, Old Albay District, Legazpi City.

Upon its creation by the virtue of RA 6975, the BJMP Regional Office V had an initial strength of seventy four (74) personnel transferred from PNP and absorbed by the BJMP pursuant to General Order Nr 01 HPNP dated 28 January 1991.

Pursuant to General Order Nr 04, 08, 09, and 10 BJMP Region V has a total additional strength of five hundred thirty eight (538). However, the majority of these personnel were recalled to the PNP, pursuant to Special Order Nr 135 HPNP dated 20 July 1992, para 43, seventy four (74) BJMP personnel under General Order Nr 04, 08, 09 and 10 were retained to BJMP-V.

 An additional one hundred eleven (111) personnel were transferred to the BJMP-V pursuant to Special Order Nr 1132-1136 HPNP dated 09 September 1993.

In November 1998, BJMP Regional Office V transferred to a new location at the Governor Forbes Street, San Roque, Legazpi City. In January 2000, the office was transferred to Ibalong Centrum For Recreation (ICR), South Bitano, Legazpi City. In November 2006, at Aquende building, Elizonda Street, Pigcale, Legazpi City and April 2008, in its present location at the Legazpi City Jail Compound, Brgy Bogtong, Legazpi City.

Since its activation, BJMP-V was headed by capable officers imbued with strong leadership qualities who led personnel in carrying out their smooth and effective administrative and operational functions. These include J/SSUPT ANTONIO P DELOS REYES, J/SSUPT AMADO  SJ  PARALEJAS, J/SSUPT RENALDO  E  ERLANDO, J/SSUPT MOISES  I  SALANDO, J/SSUPT  MANUEL  B DUKA, J/SSUPT  CESAR D TAN, J/SSUPT RUBEN C BONAVENTE, J/SSUPT  GREGORIO  F  ANGLO, J/SSUPT  ALFREDO  D  SOLIBA, J/SSUPT EGMEDIO R CALLOS, J/SSUPT EMILIE P ARANAS and J/CSUPT PIO B CAPISTRANO

The area of responsibility of BJMP-V is composed of four (4) mainland provinces of Albay, Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte, Sorsogon and two (2) island provinces Catanduanes and Masbate. The Bicol region has seven (7) cities, one hundred eight municipalities (108) and three thousand four hundred fifty two (3452) barangays. It is home to the world famous Mayon volcano and feeding ground of whale sharks known locally as “butanding”.

BJMP-V has operational jurisdiction and control over eighteen (18) district jails, four (4) city district jails,  three (3) city jails and eleven (11) municipal jails.

Under the present leadership of J/SSUPT IGNACIO S PANTI, BJMP Region V is persistently pursuing its main thrust. To direct all district, cities and municipal jails to effect a better jail management in his area of responsibility attaining success in the mission and vision as the bureau’s mandate of safekeeping and development.